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Many cultures believed or still belive that the soul is made of light, while the word photography from Greek literally means drawing with light. People of primitive tribes believed that taking pictures stole the soul and did not respect the spiritual world. The Kayapo tribe from the Brazilian Amazon uses the words "akaron kaba," which means 'photography' as well as 'theft of the soul'. Compared to Mexico, taking photos in churches is still illegal today. Pictures of Muslim women from the Middle East covering their mouth and nose protecting from the soul to exit their bodies, have survived to this day. But if each person has only one soul, what happens when we take two pictures of someone? Was their soul stolen twice? Can the soul exist in several places/pictures at once? Or maybe gradually we are the subject in a process of freeing our souls, through hundreds, thousands of photographs?

A series of photos taken with a medium-format camera.

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