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As i first got the 30 year old analog Zenith 11 camera in 2012, everything changed. By now, as I am writing this, a have a coletction of over 5000 analog photgraphes, and gradually it's growing by every month. This small part of my collection that I'm showing to you is only a attemp to visualize the beginning of art I am delivering. Regardles if it's a drawing, painting or a movie, the basis is very often a old analog camera. And not only the pictures like many below, are the start, but also, and most of all, the concept of capturing and making light itself visible. Light, that is the first and last physical and metaphysical ingredient of our visible reality. The backbone of everything we are and see. Light that is visible only when it is colliding with our surrounding. Light that is the medium carrying every historical and emotional occurrence in our world. All of that starts with a ordinary picture.

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