Ether was, and in some kind of way, still is the space where light can manifest itself. The ancient fifht elemnt cannot be measured or precisely described. It is the void, black matter as nowadays people or scientists call it. Still, even though ether can not be touched or seen, it is necessary for matter to exist. Without it light could not reach and bounce of any of the physical surrounding. But does ether, the unknown space react, or exist in a non-passive way, or is it only a old greek tale? Can it be theorised? Can we study it? We can try, through light, becouse they affect eachother. Light as the medium of visibility changes ether into a potential of diaphanum, a neverending metaphysiucial compaund made out of history and feelings. It is the past, present and future in one spacetime. The needed symptom for getting in touch with this potential is a strong experience, for example art.
Paweł Franciszek Jaskuła
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