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Project #000000 is a attempt to discuss the issue of black itself, black in the history of painting and status of the work as a potential metaphysical surface. It is exploring  also areas such as astronomy, quantum physics or misticism and the jewish kabbalah.

#000000 is a way o decsribing the deepest black in such programs like Photoshop or others. So it’s a symbol of a perfect black area, a place with no digital information, emptiness which physically and visibly can not be achived. Lately scientists and artists trying to construct a 100% light absorbing mterial. The most well known duel is played by Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple, on who is going to come up with the blackest black.

Coming even close to the mythical black hole, a place where nothing is coming back from, not even light, seems to be impossible. And is #000000 the lack of something or is it totaly dense with information/light? Spacetime is curving and we are becoming spaghettfied.

The paradox and link between light and darkness, information and its absence, space and vacum, are forcing us to find other ways of aproching this subject. Search using artistic tools seems to be a reasonable path.

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