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The SOL project is part of # 000000 project, which is a polemic test of the concepts of light and darkness, as well as the status of the image as an object but also a surface with metaphysical potential. The title # 000000 is a conventional color record in graphics programs such as Photoshop and others. It is therefore a symbol of absolute black, that is, in the digital language, no information, a void without any record, which physically / visually cannot be achieved. Is # 000000 missing or is it total saturation of information / light? Space-time is bending, our eyes are blind. The paradox and dependence of the coexistence of light and shadow, information and lack of it, space and vacuum, also in the context of metaphysically marked natural phenomena, and what is between them, forces us to find a different path. Revising the theory of the universe as well as tangible reality through the artistic media in the context of astrophotography of physics or quantum physics seems to be a justified middle way.

The day of the Total Sun Eclipse

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