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Born 25 January 1993 in Poznań. 2015-2017 assistant in prof. Józef Walczak studio. In 2017 he graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań with a project entitled ETHER. The theoretical part, written under the supervision of prof. Marty Smolińska was nominated for the best theoretical work at the UAP in 2017. In his artistic practice he merges philosophy, sociology, astronomy and physics. Since 2019 part of a science & art group Eclipse de Sol focusing on studying sun eclipses. Creator of the 1/30 Podcast. Currently as a student of photography at the University of Arts in Poznań, creating a project about gold, value in culture and young artists work conditions.


Selected venues:



2021      Aurum – Live Performance and master degree, Freedom Square,                     Poznań


               SOS ZIN, as part of the no_source_ collective, Photo Fringe/Photo                     Month, Kraków 

               LockDown, Stara Papiernia, Poznań

               artBLAB online artist Talk and publication, London

2020       Trzecie oko, House of Arts, Poznań

                Żywe Mauzoleum, Cukry Praga Gallery, Warszawa

                Żywe Mauzoleum, Nośna Gallery, Kraków


               Rysować, International Drawing Exhibition, Wozownia Gallery,                   Toruń

               Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally, One Project, London 

               Co-curator for the no_source_ online photography exhibition,                     UAP, Poznań

               No Room Collection, online exhibition and in Poznan Galleries                   for the Poznan Art Week 2020

               testingcheats true. max_motives, DOMIE Gallery, Poznań


               Discombobulated situationship, Student Depot Polonez, Poznań

2019      Videonews 6, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin


               SOL, R+ Gallery, Szczecin

               Photography is magic, Luka Gallery, Poznań

               Wizyta, residency project in CKZamek, Poznań

               /alef zero/, Wozownia Gallery, Toruń

2018      Nie-Obrazy. Pieńkow Art Residency in Stary Browar

               Curator of the Error 404 exhibition for the Mediations Biennale,                 R20 Gallery , Poznań


               /alef zero/ UAM Library Gallery, Poznań  

               AK30, 30 exhibitions in 30 days, MONA Spaces, Poznań.


2017      Nominated for the best master theoretical work at the UAP,                       Poznań.


               ETHER, R20 Gallery, Poznań.

               Jedno – s drugim // One – Another, galeria Izložbeni Salon                          Izidor Kršnjavi, Zagrzeb, Chorwacja.

               Nowy Obraz/ Nowe Spojrzenie, Arsenał Gallery, Poznań.

               Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie, BWA Gallery, Gorzów.

2016      AK30, 30 exhibitions in 30 days, UAP, Poznań.

               Nowy obraz/ Nowe spojrzenie, Arsenał Gallery, Poznań.

               Nowy obraz/ Nowe spojrzenie BWA Gallery, Gorzów.

               International Art Residence organized by Marek Maria                               Pieńkowski Foundation in Pieńków/Lipinki.

               Exhibition with the Drzewce 2002 Art Association in Alte                           Dampfbackerei, Seelow, Germany.

               Winner of the International Art Contest organized by the Trzy                     Mosty Foundation in the Kozy Służewskiego Gallery in Warsaw.

2015      Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie, UAP, Poznań.

               Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie, BWA Gallery, Gorzów.

               AK30, 30 exhibitions in 30 days, UAP, Poznań.

               Exhibition for the International Art Contest Trzy Mosty in the                     Kozy Służewskiego Gallery in Warsaw.

               Out of Order, MONA Spaces, Poznań.

               Paradoxes of View, for the International conference                                     Paradox, UAP, Poznań.

               Promocje 2015, Ring Gallery and Art Gallery in Legnica.

               Honourable mention for the Franciszka Eibisch Grand Prix in                     Katarzyna Napiórkowskia Gallery, Warsaw.

               Dwie Sztuki, Oczy Club, Poznań.

2014      Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie, UAP, Poznaniu.

               Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie, BWA Gallery, Gorzów.

               Exhibition In Glass for Mediations Biennale, Poznań.

2013      Finalist for the Market Art competition organized by Grażyna                     Kulczyk in Stary Browar, Poznań.

2011      Exhibition "Początki", Gallery W Remoncie, Sieraków

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