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The tale of a journey straight from a peaceful American dream settlement into space, the dream of colonizing the Moon and Mars is haunted by the ghosts of destruction and chaos. They come and go to outshine and set fire to the smallest spark of hope. Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, they only bring destruction in their metal chariots. Our dreamy journey into space becomes a hopeless escape, in which we unknowingly take the same fire and death with us, forgetting that only in moments of critical nature these demons show their true power.

The work is a commentary on two parallel events that took place at the end of May 2020. The first of these was the first commercial space flight ended with a successful docking to the ISS space station. Space X announces that the next step will be a moon landing and, in the future, colonization of planet Mars. The second event was the murder of Grorge Floyd by four policemen in Minneaplois, which became the reason for international Black Lives Matter protests and massive, brutal riots in the entire United States. The juxtaposition of these two, as it turned out from the perspective of already two weeks, socio-civilizational milestones shows on the one hand the power of human technical thought oriented rather to escape from the crumbling planet, and on the other, the inevitable, irreformable dark part of human nature, full of hatred, xenophobia , reign of revenge and aggression, which will probably leave this planet with us.

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