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The process of constant increase of problematic content for our existence is often visible to us only at the limit moment, when the reversal of progressive excess is difficult or already irreversible. In the face of constant changes and renovation of the present day, the layer which changes slightly but gradually is omitted. On the other hand, phenomena that seemingly have reached their end, after prior hibernation, appear to be coming back to life like a winter fly, zombie or extremist nationalism. Peace seem to be as apparent and impossible in this arrangement as the inconspicuous death of demons and diseases.


Anabiosis - apparent death, a state of extreme decrease in the vital activity of the body, usually in response to environmental conditions. After a period of inactivity, when the external conditions become favorable, it gradually disappears.

A series of digital photographes made as part of a residence in the post-Nazi Castle, which is now a cultural center in Poznań, Poland.

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